Tom Cosway running for The Brain Tumour Charity

17th May 2019

Tom Cosway Charity

We’re happy to report that the charitable efforts of our staff continue to be a source of great pride for us all.

Tom Cosway and his brother Jez will be taking part in the Windermere Marathon on May 19th. Both will be running to raise money for the The Brain Tumour Charity.

Running for a fantastic cause

Tom said: “We’re running for The Brain Tumour Charity as last month, one of our mum’s friends passed away due to a brain tumour. Also, one of the ladies who runs for my running club, her daughter has just been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour too, at just 18 years old.”

Both Tom and Jez are avid runners, but taking on a marathon is no mean feat! Covering 26.2 miles on foot is a stunning achievement, and we wish them both the best of luck.

Tom added: “However hard or difficult the training and race is, nothing compares to the people who are suffering with brain tumours, please help us raise some money and awareness.”

The pair’s initial aim was to raise £1,000 for the charity and this is a target they’ve already been able to achieve. However, the more that can be raised for such a good cause the better.

You can support Tom at his Just Giving fundraising page. All contributions would be warmly appreciated.