Written by Ellie

A cautionary tale about SECURITY from Fuel Card Services

Once upon a time (or, quite possibly, this very day), there were three drivers, all called Vic, working for different companies. They each refuelled their company vehicle three times a week, but how they went about it wasn’t the same. With different consequences for each of them, as well as for their employers.

1193917_SMJPG_52592121NG5230639Vic Tims was a reliable employee with an excellent record for reliability and efficiency. When refuelling, he always tried to find the best price. Not the same place every week, and so (within reason) he did some shopping around. He used his own debit card to pay for the fuel, carefully kept receipts (always making a note of his vehicle’s mileage), and submitted his expenses monthly. His company weren’t always as efficient in reimbursing him. But, then, there’s always lot to do in the office and it all took time: checking receipts, doing analyses, working out mileages and MPGs, keeping track of fuel cost budgets, and the rest. Recently, he’d also been very unlucky – his card had been cloned by a chip-and-pin terminal scam, and a couple of hundred pounds had gone from his bank account before he’d noticed. At least his company had reimbursed him – eventually.

1193932_SMJPG_52592121NG5230639Vic Trix did the job expected of him well enough, but he wasn’t nearly as organised or as efficient. And he didn’t see anything wrong with ‘stretching’ things a bit. He paid for refuelling with his company credit card – so no need to use his own money and reclaim it like Tims. But he did have to submit receipts. Once, he’d ‘accidentally’ included one that was for refuelling another vehicle, having borrowed his brother’s for a day trip. (No, really! It WAS a mistake: he’d actually meant to tell them and repay it.) But, in the event, no-one had noticed at the office – and now he occasionally slipped in a re-fill and receipt to cover the odd tank-full for the weekend. “Bit naughty, yeah, but – hey – where’s the harm?”

1193922_SMJPG_52592121NG5230639And then there was Vic Torr who occasionally bumped into the others on breaks. He knew about Trix’s little ‘oversights’ and Tims’ bad experience with the card-skimmers – and quietly patted himself on the back for having a job with a company that had got its act together. For refuelling, he used a fuel card from Fuel Card Services that was personalised with his name and vehicle registration. Whatever his route of the day, his Drivers Club App pointed him to a convenient fuel stop. He didn’t have to worry about card cloning or personal cash – OR about temptation. Every re-fill transaction automatically captured, and monitored. Fill up and move on. No receipts, no expenses – and no-one slaving away at the office on endless reconciliations. And with the weekly savings per litre as well, who knows? There was a better chance that a bonus from profits might come his way.

MORAL: Give your drivers a Fuelcard from Fuel Card Services – and fuel cost security for your company.


Posted on 27th May 2015

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