The replenishment cost blues

11th August 2016

speedometer-865113_1920The new colleague has settled in well, is doing a good job and the customers are happy. Then, your phone rings. I want to talk about this company car you found me. Yes, why? We found the model you want, the right colour and all the extras, nice big engine, even surprised you with a diesel version to keep the costs down, what is the problem?

This is where you discover that the world is full of people who have never heard of AdBlue.

Your new colleague is less than delighted that the lovely new car, with under 4,000 miles on the clock, will not start. Apparently, it uses an additive to keep the NOx emissions under control, but this has run out and the vehicle will not run without it. Your colleague is only mildly miffed to learn that the refilling will be necessary every month or so, but deeply uncomfortable to discover that this is going to cost upwards of £50 each time.

You did not mention this, even in general terms, and certainly did not cover who will be responsible for the cost. If paying for diesel exhaust fluid is down to me, says new colleague, that effectively knocks a grand off my gross salary. Show me the paperwork that has me agreeing to this.

You are both reasonable adults, of course, so this is going to be resolved easily in a couple of minutes with smiles all around and no lasting niggles. Then, you will celebrate the happy outcome by roasting a flying pig.

If only.

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