Save time and money with Fuel Card Services’ fleet management services:

Vehicle and asset tracking

Improve safety for your drivers, security for your vehicles and reduce costs across your fleet by integrating your fuel card data. It’s easy to use and supported by a dedicated UK-based team.

Cost-effective vehicle servicing, maintenance and repair

Pre-negotiated discounts on parts and labour from a nationwide garage network. Covers servicing, repairs, maintenance, MOTs and even tyres. Pay-as-you-go.

Daily vehicle checks app

Comprehensive, customisable, helping protect your business and ensure you stay compliant. Easier vehicle checks on your phone, simpler management online.

Accurate reporting of mileage expenses

Record and report every mile of every journey automatically. All-in-one software makes it easy to record, manage, process and submit mileage expenses for all vehicles used for business.

Fuel cards to reduce costs

From one of the UK’s largest independent fuel card agents,

covering every major fuel brand, whether diesel, petrol or

both – we will find the one to suit your needs.

The fast, free fuel finder app

Search and find your closest fuel pump in seconds and all

via your mobile.  Avoid wasting fuel and time on

unnecessary detours.  Plus, discount offers and news.