Texting and driving – is it really worth it?

28th February 2017

So you’re on a relatively quiet road, you can’t see any other cars ahead or behind. Then you hear that familiar text message sound from your phone that’s lying on the passenger seat, and you try to ignore it, but you just have to know who it’s from.

It’s okay, there’s no one about, you’re in total control of your vehicle and proceeding at a reasonably modest speed of just 50 miles per hour. One last check at the road ahead and then a glance in the wing-mirror at nothing behind. Then you pick up your phone.

And in the three seconds it takes to access the text and comprehend who it’s from, the weighty tonnage of steel and glass in which you’re travelling at “only” 50mph hurtles across 67 and half meters of road. And into…

… well, more road we hope. But you get the picture.

67.5 meters is rather a long way, you reflect. Especially when you consider it was travelled blind. Anything could have popped out in front of your vehicle during those three seconds, and you literally wouldn’t have seen it.

You can imagine what might have happened, and you can probably imagine most of the consequences. But the law’s changing about mobile phone use behind the wheel in early 2017. So you may want to read more about it in Fleet Matters, rather just than imagine.