Create your own bespoke package

We understand that your business is unique and so are your tracking needs.

Tele-Gence goes beyond standard vehicle tracking allowing you visibility of assets, people and incidents.


Hardwired trackers

Hardwired tracker

Engineer installed

Hidden in vehicle to avoid tampering

Power disconnect alerts from backup battery

Plug-in trackers

Plug-in tracker

Ideal for frequently changing fleets

Self-install via OBD

Power disconnect alerts from backup battery

Asset trackers

Asset tracker

Recommended for security on valuable assets and as back-up devices


Internal & weatherproof options

Personal trackers

Personal tracker

Perfect for tracking people

Panic button option for real time alerts via email/SMS


Connected Cameras

Connected camera

View and download footage instantly via platform

Blind spot/360 camera options

All in one camera and tracker

SD Dash Cams

SD Dash Cam

Self-install or hardwired options

Front-facing and internal rear options

Driver Options

Driver identification

Great for shared vehicles

Identify and report on who was driving

Privacy button

Helps with mileage claims

Driver can specify whether trip is business or private