Technology to keep your drivers safe

Written by Ellie

The speed at which car technology has advanced on the road to autonomous vehicles is astonishing.

As we outline some of the safety features available now on an increasing number of vehicles, it’s worth remembering that, if this were written just 10 years ago – fewer than two typical car generations – more than half of them wouldn’t exist.

With much of the technology available only as an option or included in a more expensive safety or assistance pack, there could be a cost associated with the feature that grabs your interest.

But it is worth pointing out that choosing a higher specification car because it has a particular safety feature as standard could see insurance costs cut.

Already, fleets choosing autonomous emergency braking have seen a reduction in car park prangs and low-speed bumps that come within insurance policy excesses or defleet recharges, and have a direct impact on the bottom line.

Other technology could help high-mileage drivers avoid fatigue but the value is perhaps more difficult to quantify. And some are building blocks on the road to fully autonomous cars that drivers will ultimately become familiar with as the systems permeate down from premium models to mainstream versions.

There are some features we now take for granted, so the list focuses on those items that are beginning to appear more frequently.

But it also begs the question that if we were writing this in 2026, could we even imagine what technology we would then be discussing?

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Posted on 12th December 2016

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