The tale of Frank Enstein

27th October 2016


After a long hard week driving around the UK covering for one of his delivery drivers, exhausted fleet manager Frank Enstein pulled into an isolated fuel station to fill up his van for the last leg of the journey.

The fuel station was quiet and being on a motorway the diesel prices were scarily high but with little other option Frank began to fill his tank. Unfamiliar with his surroundings he started to get an uneasy feeling, as though something horrible was lurking round the corner, waiting for him to finish refuelling before striking.

As soon as the pump clicked Frank returned it to its holster and rushed straight into the kiosk, wanting to leave as soon as possible, completely unaware that that is where his story will begin to unravel.

“Good evening Sir. Just the diesel for you today?” asked the station attendant.

“Yes please; I’m actually in a bit of a rush” replied Frank hurriedly.

“No problem. That’ll be £96.66 altogether then. Do you have a fuel card?”

“A what?” he asked in a panic.

“A fuel card Sir. It’s like a credit card for fuel.” replied the attendant casually.

“I’ve never heard of them. Why would I want a fuel card?” asked Frank.

“Well I’m no expert but from what I understand you could be making monster savings, and that’s just the start of it. There’s the dedicated account manager, as well as peace of mind from the added security” replied the attendant.

“Monster savings? I’ve just cancelled the office Christmas party as we couldn’t stretch the budget this year. My drivers are desperate for new vehicles but I said we wouldn’t be able to afford them. Staff bonuses have been slashed as well. I could do with some big savings right now!” he barked, slowly realising the implications.

“Sir, sir, please calm down. It’s ok, there are experts out there waiting to help people just like you. So you’ve been spending a bit more than you could have been, try and forget about it, don’t let it haunt you…”

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