Study into Borders transport improvements moves forward

Written by: Fuel Card Services, Last updated:11th August 2020

Transport Scotland

The final report of The Borders Transport Corridors Study-Pre Appraisal has been published. In it, a range of recommendations have been produced to enhance the transport connectivity of the Borders region in Scotland.

A focus on connectivity for Scotland

Drafted by Transport Scotland, the report has been based on a national appraisal of transport connectivity to the Scottish Borders. It includes all aspects of transport connectivity, including roads, rail and public transport provision.

Officials will now examine the recommendations as part of efforts to improve the local transport network in order to provide a widespread economic boost to the region, and to the country as a whole.

Areas of potential improvement that have been defined as part of the study include improvements to the A7 and A68, as well as dualling sections of the A1 between Dunbar and the border with England.

Cabinet secretary for transport, infrastructure and connectivity Michael Matheson commented: “The recommendations made in this study – which are underpinned by detailed evidence on problems and opportunities – will help ensure the case is made for improvements in the Borders.”

He added major plans are now being developed to enhance transport connectivity in the area, with future development to be carried out as part of the Scottish government’s Strategic Transport Projects Review.

Mr Matheson concluded that the next stage of the work will be focused on enhancing the “successful partnerships” that have been created as part of the review process, before moving on to further action.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at FCS Scotland, adds: “Improving transport infrastructure across the Borders region will have far-reaching benefits. Better connectivity means ease of movement for people and goods, ensuring a brighter future for the Scottish economy.”