Snow Day – Leeds!


Sitting in my office reading and replying to emails and I glance out of the window. It’s snowing, it’s really coming down out there and I’m reminded that every snowflake is unique in its design. I get to thinking;

The fact that they’re all different doesn’t make one snowflake better or worse at being snow than the next, it’s just different. They can all still be brought together effectively to be made into a snowball or a snow man.

Similarly, (not really, but bear with me here.) the sales office right outside my door is made up of lots and lots of different people. We’ve got;

• 2 people from the Armed Forces
• A former Sous Chef
• A former Professional Cricketer
• 3 car salespeople
• 4 graduates of various subjects
• A former full time carer

If all we did was look at a job description and ticked boxes on whether someone had been in sales for a year or 2 or hadn’t worked in a Business to Business environment or not, we would have missed out on a lot of these really high performers.

At Fuel Card Services we look at passion, drive and determination to be successful as being just as important as previous experience so show us what you’re made of and you could be our next star.

I was going to put something like, as long as you don’t melt when the heat is on but I thought better of myself. As puns about winter are snow joke.


If you’ve got a passion for getting into sales and know what it takes to be the best, don’t keep your career on ice. Apply now at or visit our careers page, here.


Our Careers Blog is penned by Mike Bratby – Resourcing Manager



Posted on 3rd March 2016

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