Smooth Driving In A Citroën C4 Cactus

4th November 2017

It’s all about comfort and a comfortable ride with Citroën new C4 Cactus. This compact hatchback features the French brand’s new suspension system with Progressive Hydraulic Cushions™ (PHC), creating a ‘magic carpet ride’ effect. It is also the first vehicle in the world to boast Advanced Comfort seats. Sounds cosy?

Citroën C4 Cactus’s comfort offensive draws upon its expertise and the know-how of its engineers. Some 20 patents were filed in the development of the new suspension system. The way it works is quite simple. Whilst conventional suspension systems use a shock absorber, a spring and mechanical bump stops at each corner of the car, the Progressive Hydraulic Cushions™ (PHC) system adds two hydraulic stops on each suspension unit to replace the mechanical stops. There is one hydraulic stop for compression and one for decompression. The suspension, therefore, works in two stages to match how the car is being used.

For light compression and decompression, the springs and shock absorbers control the vertical movements, giving the impression that the car is gliding over uneven ground.

During major impacts, the springs and shock absorbers work together with the hydraulic compression or decompression stops that gradually slow the movement to avoid sudden jolts at the end of the range.

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