Smart tops list of coolest cars

Written by Ellie

Now that the summer weather has finally arrived, drivers will be hoping to keep their cool and remain comfortable despite the soaring temperatures.

A recent study by Kwik Fit has looked into which cars are likely to be the coolest in the coming months, finding that Smart manufactures the best vehicles for sunny weather. These have 85 air conditioning recharges per 100 cars, which is more than twice the amount of second place Saab (40 recharges per 100 vehicles).

Chrysler and Cadillac are in third and fourth place, offering 32 and 25 air conditioning services respectively, whereas Volvo make up the top five (21 recharges per 1000 cars). Alfa Romeo are in sixth place (20 recharges per 1000 cars), while Porsche, Jaguar and Dodge complete the list.

Roger Griggs, communications director at Kwik Fit, says: "We all want to drive a cool car, but we should remember that it’s often what’s inside that counts more than outside appearance.

"Air con systems can make driving a lot more comfortable and it’s vital to keep them well maintained."

Mr Griggs also warned that air con is not automatically covered by a car’s annual service, so it is important that it used regularly to ensure its efficiency.

To help motorists stay cool this summer, Kwik Fit has provided its own top tips to ensure air conditioning units are running properly. These include leaving the windows open slightly when cars are parked and using the system to clear condensation.

Regular recharges are also important, with the automotive business warning that 10 to 15 per cent of gas inside a car leaks due to inherent movement. It also advises that air con systems should be serviced every two years.

Posted on 6th June 2016

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