Service areas ‘need improvement’

Written by Ellie

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) has highlighted the present lack of acceptable standards at many motorway service areas up and down the country.

According to RHA chief executive Richard Burnett, the upcoming general election presents a perfect opportunity for all major political parties to include pledges within their manifestos to address a major stumbling block to attracting new entrants to the logistics sector at present – a major factor in the current shortage of professional drivers in the UK.

He claimed that a lack of acceptable standards in terms of hygiene and facilities at many of the nation's motorway services could be putting off people from becoming professional drivers, as the conditions they face when on the job are poor.

"This industry is heavily regulated and drivers, by law, have to take rest breaks. The current standard of facilities at many 'official' areas is so inadequate that parking in a layby is often a preferable option. This is unsafe for drivers, their vehicles and their loads," Mr Burnett argued.

He added that poor standards at the nation's services are simply not acceptable and it is a problem that is in urgent need of attention, causing potential harm to the industry as a whole.

Mr Burnett concluded: "While others use the roads to get to work, for HGV drivers, the roads ARE their place of work and, like any employee, the conditions under which they work are of critical importance and they have the right to expect a good standard."


Posted on 2nd April 2015

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