Road deaths in Scotland ‘at the lowest levels since records began’

Written by Ellie

The number of casualties on Scotland’s roads hit a record low in 2017.

Figures from the Scottish Government show that 146 people were killed as a result of road accidents in Scotland during 2017, which is 45 (or 24 per cent) less than in the year before.

Similarly, the number of fatal accidents dropped by 34 (or 19 per cent) in 2017 to 141, while 1,589 people were seriously injured in road accidents – a decline of 110 (six per cent) on 2016.

Overall, there were a total number of 9,428 casualties in 2017 – 1,477 (14 per cent) fewer than in 2016.

Despite a 27 per cent rise in road traffic across Scotland since 1995, accidents have fallen by 57 per cent, serving as testament to the work in making the country’s roads safer.  

Michael Matheson, cabinet secretary for transport, praised the “actions taken by all those involved in improving road safety”.

“Casualties on Scotland’s roads are at the lowest levels since records began,” he said.

“While I and the Scottish Government’s road safety partners can welcome this long-term trend of decreasing road casualties since 2004, this fact brings no comfort to the friends and relatives of people who have tragically died on Scotland’s roads.

“This point is felt particularly this year, when people across Scotland have had to come to terms with incidents which have shaken local communities and the nation as whole.”

Mr Matheson went on to say that the government will ensure that effective educational resources are delivered across the country, targeting the most vulnerable road user groups.

It will also continue to work to transform driver behaviour through safety camera programmes.

He added: “We are now upping key stakeholder encouragement to do more as we move towards our final push to achieve our 2020 road casualty reduction targets on Scotland’s roads.”

Ellie Baker, brand manager at FCS Scotland, commented: “The numbers don’t lie: road safety in Scotland is moving in the right direction.”

Photo: USMAN HAMEED/iStock

Posted on 30th October 2018

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