RHA responds to ‘astonishing’ haulage sector statistics

Written by Ellie

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) has issued a response to the latest publication of road haulage sector statistics from the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, which has claimed empty lorries may be causing increased congestion across the UK.

According to the report, levels of congestion in the UK are rising quickly as a result of up to one-third of all lorries being unladen when taking to the roads. However, RHA chief executive Richard Burnett argues that this is simply not the case.

He stated: "The number of lorries on our roads has hardly changed over many years; nor has empty running, much of which is inevitable, as the report concedes.

"The suggestion that road hauliers don't know what they are doing is ridiculous. They will continue to serve the economy but they are the victims, not the cause, of increasing congestion. It's a fact that of 35 million vehicles on UK roads, little more than one per cent are lorries."

Indeed, Mr Burnett concluded that the haulage sector remains a vital part of the smooth working of the nation in general and to begin scapegoating this group for issues beyond its control is simply not acceptable.

Addressing the key issues of investment in the UK's roads network and the relaxation of tight restrictions on deliveries in many areas of the country were instead highlighted as being a top priority for the future by the RHA leader.

Posted on 27th June 2016

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