Revealed: the top five cities for a healthy work-life balance

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside and when it comes to striking a healthy work-life balance, it seems that living on the coast certainly helps after Brighton was named Britain’s best city for employee work-life balance perks.

Business travel experts Red7 conducted the research by looking at online job adverts for five top career roles in ten UK locations and recorded how often certain perks appeared.

They analysed at least 50 job adverts with the results being used to paint a picture of which cities offered the most perks and benefits.

With the south-coast city sitting pretty on the top of the pile, Bristol ranked second, offering the highest number of commuting benefits, as well as benefits in relation to bonuses and investments. After that, it was Leeds and London, with Belfast completing the top five.

Edinburgh led the way in terms of health benefits, with more than a fifth (21.2 per cent) of all of the city’s benefits fitting into this category.

Any jobseekers who want to have a laugh whilst they labour should look to York, which offered the largest percentage of fun and games benefits (10 per cent).

Meanwhile, Oxford is the place for foodies, with the city reporting the largest percentage of food and drink benefits (five per cent).

However, employers in list-leading Brighton offer more perks associated with work-life balance than other UK locations.

The East Sussex city topped the table in terms of overall benefits offered, at 2.5 perks per job advert, closely followed by Bristol at 1.6 perks per job role, and Cardiff, at 1.5.

Work-life balance perks in Brighton, which included flexi hours and a free holiday day for birthdays, made up 6.5 per cent of all benefits offered by employers in the city.

Ian Lucas, founder of Red7 – which published the research – said: “Although people should find satisfaction in their jobs, a good work-life balance is very important. This hot topic appears to be gaining more recognition as time goes on.”

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Posted on 29th October 2018

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