Revealed: Britain’s most prolific speed cameras

Written by Ellie

Speed cameras are often slammed for milking motorists and plumping out the public purse, and these accusations have been backed-up after a list emerged identifying the most prolific speed cameras.

Motorists in and around Avon and Somerset should be extra cautious with the top eight most snap-happy speed cameras being located in this area.

Leading the charge with 22,350 offences in the past three years is the camera on the M32 on the Severn Beach rail line overbridge to the end of the M32 southbound.

Not too far behind it is the camera on the M4 at junction 19-20 westbound, with 21,009 offences. In fact, the M4 appears another two times in the top ten – with junction 20-19 eastbound (no.3) and junction 20-19 eastbound (no.8).

Drivers in the area should be similarly cautious of the M5, which also has three cameras in the top ten: junction 16-17 southbound (no.4), junction 17-16 northbound (no.5) and junction 17-16 northbound (no.7).

Fastest speeds

The data, published by GoCompare, ranges between January 1st 2016 and May 31st 2018, and also reveals the fastest speeds recorded.

Gloucestershire saw the most extreme speed, with 167mph recorded on a 70mph motorway in 2017 – 139 per cent over the limit.

In terms of the largest percentage increase, Hertfordshire recorded 137mph in a 40mph zone – 243 per cent over the limit.

Reacting to the findings, Avon and Somerset Police’s head of road safety Andy Williams said: “We don’t want to catch people speeding – we want people to obey the speed limits. Speeding can have fatal consequences. It endangers the lives of other road users.

“I hope this statistic acts as a warning to others that all speed limits are being proactively enforced and makes them slow down.”

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, added: “The concerning thing is that only 16 of the UK’s 45 police forces provided data for the research. This means there could potentially be even more prolific speed cameras in the UK.”

Britain’s most prolific speed cameras in the last three years:

  1. M32, Severn Beach rail line overbridge to end of M32 southbound – 22,350 offences (2018) – AVON & SOMERSET
  2. M4, J19-20 westbound – 21,009 offences (2016) – AVON & SOMERSET
  3. M4, J20-19 eastbound – 19,137 offences (2016) – AVON & SOMERSET
  4. M5, J16-17 southbound – 19,088 offences (2017) – AVON & SOMERSET
  5. M5, J17-16 northbound – 17,082 offences (2016) – AVON & SOMERSET
  6. M32, Severn Beach rail line overbridge to end of M32 southbound – 12,980 offences (2017) – AVON & SOMERSET
  7. M5, J17-16 northbound – 12,176 offences (2017) – AVON & SOMERSET
  8. M4, J20-19 eastbound – 10,833 offences (2017) – AVON & SOMERSET
  9. M1 motorway – 10,339 offences (2016) – BEDFORDSHIRE
  10. A1081 Airport Way, south-westbound – 10,024 offences (2017) – BEDFORDSHIRE

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Posted on 25th October 2018

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