Revealed: a year in the life of a typical company car driver

Written by Ellie

Company car drivers spend close to three years of their working life behind the wheel of a car, new research has found.

The average business driver travels 235 miles a week and will spend four hours of every week in a traffic jam, according to the study, which quizzed 1,000 business car users and was commissioned by Skoda to gain insight into life on the road for company car drivers.

On a typical working day, the average employee will spend over two and a half hours in their car, according to the research.

That works out at 13 hours a week or 26 days every year and over a standard 40-year career (age 25-65), this equates to two years and nine months on the road.

Additionally, it was revealed that every year, a typical company car driver:

  • makes 355 hands-free business calls,
  • closes 259 deals,
  • loses their temper 307 times,
  • swears at another driver 304 times,
  • drinks 614 teas or coffees,
  • eats 278 sandwiches,
  • and ends up getting lost 259 times – all from the comfort of their car.

Almost a third (32 per cent) of respondents play loud music before a meeting to get in the right frame of mind, with The Killers’ Mr Brightside deemed to be the preferred track to get professionals pumped.

Skoda says it repeats this research every year to assess the wants, needs and habits of company car drivers with the results being used to influence the specialist business car range it offers.

Henry Williams, Skoda UK’s head of fleet, said: “The car is more than just a vehicle. For many, it’s a mobile office, so technology such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a Wi-Fi-hotspot and an infotainment system that keeps you up to date with the latest news channels are as much as necessity as a ‘nice to have’.”

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, added: “In 2018, we demand our company cars to be everything and anything, but with so much technology and flexible features now available, they’re doing a grand job.”

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Posted on 26th April 2018

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