Remember when motorways were fast? – Fleet Matters 11

13th December 2018

Do you remember when the word “motorway” stood for speed, efficiency… getting to where you needed to go as quickly (legally, of course) as possible?

When someone says “motorway” today, you’re more likely to think of over-long queues rather than effortless over-taking. There are too many vehicles on the road, not enough people who know how to use the lanes, and no sign of a solution to increasing congestion.

Until now.

“Smart motorways” and “expressways” are coming to the UK, and they’re billed as being both safer and faster. But what exactly are they, where will they first appear, and how will they work?

We asked the same questions, and provide the answers in Fleet Matters issue 11 – the free publication that fast-tracks the news for busy fleet managers.

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