Public supports tougher stance on killer drivers

8th February 2017

Public supports tougher stance on killer drivers (image credit: iStock/serggn)

A new survey from IAM RoadSmart has highlighted significant public support for a tougher stance on motorists who cause death or serious injury when driving.

According to a survey of 2,000 UK adults, 80 per cent would support the creation of a new offence of 'causing serious injury by careless driving'.

At the same time, 50 per cent stated that the current penalty of 14 years in jail for causing death by dangerous driving was wholly inadequate. Indeed, 49 per cent of respondents felt that the maximum penalty for this offence should be raised to life imprisonment.

Sarah Sillars, IAM RoadSmart chief executive officer, said: "Our survey shows that on the very emotive issue of those who cause death by driving offences, there is public support for tougher sentencing and that many feel the law simply doesn't go far enough."

She concluded that holding a driving licence should be seen "as a privilege, not a right" and those who fall short of the highest safety standards when taking to the roads should have this privilege removed.

Natalie Brinkley, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, adds: "Drivers who kill or cause serious injury through careless driving – that could be due to excessive speed, drugs or alcohol – must be dealt with harshly to send a strong message that this sort of behaviour will simply not be tolerated."