Prescription drugs warning for drivers

Written by Ellie

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has issued a response to the latest data showing a significant increase in drug-driving prosecutions across the UK.

Official government figures published this month have shown that drug-driving prosecutions reached an all-time high last year, following the introduction of new laws regarding roadside testing for suspected inebriated motorists in March 2015.

Overall, a 144 per cent increase in prosecutions was witnessed last year and the FTA is therefore keen to highlight the dangers to all road users of this irresponsible behaviour.

However, it is not simply illegal drugs that impact the ability of individuals to drive safely, with the legal limit for eight prescription drugs also added to legislation relating to drug-driving offences.

All fleet operators and drivers must therefore be aware of the potential implications of failing to monitor their use of prescription medications, as even over-the-counter treatments like hay fever tablets could potentially cause an individual's driving ability to be impaired.

The FTA is therefore calling for all its members and for businesses up and down the country to ensure all staff are aware of the dangers of prescription drugs for those that are in charge of a vehicle.

A new poster has been created by the organisation to this effect, including details of legal limits, methods and timescale for drug detection and advice on the use of prescription drugs in the workplace.

Posted on 13th May 2016

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