Pothole damage ‘is costing motorists millions’

21st March 2018

Pothole damage 'is costing motorists millions' (image credit: kozmoat98/iStock)

Drivers up and down the country are facing repair bills that combine into the millions of pounds, with potholes causing considerable damage for many road users.

This is according to vehicle repair specialists Kwik Fit, which has highlighted figures showing a 34 per cent increase in the average cost of repairing damage to vehicles caused by potholes in the last year.

In total, these hazards were shown to have directly caused damage costing £915 million to repair during the last 12 months. The company revealed how 70 per cent of UK drivers have hit at least one pothole per week, with a quarter claiming to have struck potholes every single day.

Roger Griggs, communications director at Kwik Fit, commented: "The poor condition of the road network is hitting motorists' wallets ever harder. Unfortunately, experience of past years has shown us that the recent cold weather will only make the problem worse."

He went on to add that the damage these hazards can cause is not always immediately apparent, but issues like slow punctures, a bulge in the tyre wall or hairline cracks in the wheel rim can be costly issues to fix.

Ben Robb, brand manager at The Fuelcard People, commented: "Potholes continue to be a significant blight on UK roads and, until more funding is made available to fix these hazards, drivers will continue to rack up large bills relating to pothole damage."