Porsche axes diesel as fuel continues to lose favour

Written by Ellie

The latest sign that diesel cars are on their way out has been delivered by Porsche, which has revealed that none of its models will now be available in diesel.

It had announced in November that it was removing diesel as an option in the Cayenne, and has now followed suit with the Macan and Panameras. Only petrol and hybrid models will be available moving forward.

The German car manufacturer said a "cultural change" among customers leading to falling demand had driven the decision, but there can be little doubt that the concerns expressed over high – and often illegal – levels of nitrous oxide emissions in European cities is an issue.  

It was in fact only nine years ago that Porsche started offering diesel cars, at a time when the fuel was erroneously being promoted by governments as a cleaner option – including in the UK. 

Nonetheless, with stricter type-approval fuel economy tests being introduced in September after the Volvo 'dieselgate' scandal of 2015, Porsche has now decided that the time is right to do away with diesel.

Of course, the average fleet or business car driver is not likely to be driving around in a Porsche, but the tide has turned so clearly against diesel that it would be little surprise to hear a string of announcements by various other carmakers.

As a German manufacturer, Porsche may have its eye on developments in its homeland, where a court case has been ongoing that could see cities being forced to include car emissions in their clean air plans. 

The case has been brought by environmental group Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH) against Stuttgart and Dusseldorf, with lower-level courts accepting the case for a ban on diesel cars in these cities, who in turn have appealed to the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig.

After much deliberation, the Federal Court has deferred its decision until February 27th, but if the DUH case succeeds, Germany's other carmakers will surely follow Porsche's lead. 

Molly Benton, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, adds: "It seems diesel is on its way out, due to the pollution issues it causes and the development of new hybrid and electric cars."

Posted on 23rd February 2018

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