Outstanding contributions to road safety recognised

4th February 2015

Outstanding contributions to road safety recognised

The charity Brake has hosted its annual award ceremony to recognise the contributions of ordinary people in making Britain's roads safer places to be.

It welcomed attendees including corporate partners, community volunteers, parliamentarians, campaigners and educators to the Houses of Parliament for an event that celebrated the work being done to reduce the number of casualties that occur on our highways each day.

Many of the recipients had been bereaved themselves, including Mandy Stock, whose husband Paul was killed by a disqualified driver in 2012. She has since worked tirelessly and succeeded in having the law changed to ensure that people who should not be on the roads receive longer jail terms if they kill or injure someone. This resulted in Brake giving her the Campaigner of the Year award.

Others had simply dedicated time and effort towards improving safety standards in their area, with students from Conisborough College in London taking home a prize for creating a short film about the dangers of mobile phone use while driving.

Deputy chief executive of Brake Julie Townsend said the charity is pleased to have been able to highlight such endeavours.

"This year, as every year, we thank everyone who has supported Brake and spoken out for road safety. The winners of these awards have gone above and beyond, showing great determination to make a difference in their communities and across the country," she added.

According to official government figures for the year to June 2013, there were 1,713 road deaths and 21,657 serious injuries in Britain, suggesting work still needs to be done to ensure highway users are taking the care they should when getting behind the wheel.

At-work drivers have crash rates that are up to 40 per cent higher than those of other drivers and around a third of company car users are involved in a crash each year, so fleet managers may wish to take special precautions to help their drivers stay as safe as they can.