Operation Stack ‘requires compensation for firms’

Written by Ellie

Hauliers caught up in delays as a result of the ongoing Operation Stack initiative in the south-east of England should be compensated for their losses, the Freight Transport Association (FTA) has argued.

FTA deputy chief executive James Hookham argued the French government should be providing recompense for those businesses that have suffered losses due to the security chaos surrounding the port of Calais in recent months, with many firms losing thousands of pounds as a result of an inability to access cross-Channel services.

Indeed, the organisation has estimated that the cost to UK hauliers caught in delays during the 28 days that Operation Stack was implemented between June 23rd and August 2nd was over £21 million.

This significant amount of money is enough to see some businesses facing severe financial problems as a result of the delays and it is an issue that should not now go unanswered.

“The weeks of chaos on the roads in Kent were unacceptable and we need a long-term solution to Operation Stack – this situation cannot be allowed to happen again,” Mr Hookham stated.

“As the industrial dispute with the MyFerryLink workers has not been resolved, there is every likelihood that we could see a repeat performance before the summer is out.”

Mr Hookham concluded that the £21 million in losses is also something of a modest estimate, as it does not take into account things like spoilt cargoes and missed export deadlines – the overall cost to UK businesses from these delays could therefore be far higher.


Posted on 25th August 2015

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