Operation Stack: Lasting solutions are needed

15th August 2016

Operation Stack: Lasting solutions are needed

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has called for a lasting solution to Operation Stack in the south-east of England.

Responding to the news that plans are now in place for the creation of a new M20 lorry park to address issues of congestion when Operation Stack is in effect, FTA head of policy for London and the south-east Natalie Chapman said that the move is welcomed, but it must not simply be a stop-gap measure.

Ms Chapman argued: "FTA would rather avoid Operation Stack altogether and keep the wheels of industry turning, so it is important that the lorry park doesn't become out of sight, out of mind.

"We still need to tackle the causes of Operation Stack."

Indeed, the FTA's own figures claim that when Operation Stack came into effect last summer, the 32 days of increased congestion and disruption as a result of the scheme cost the UK freight industry upwards of £750,000 per day.

These are costs that are wholly unsustainable in the long run and therefore the organisation is calling on the government to ensure the design of the new lorry park bear in mind the need to swiftly transport vehicles from this facility to cross-Channel services at Dover as swiftly as possible and as soon as capacity becomes available.

Ms Chapman concluded that only by considering the long-term impact on the local community and economy caused by the disruption from Operation Stack can the necessary impetus be created to resolve this issue once and for all.