Old-school family fun ‘still the best’

Written by Ellie

With the growth in popularity of tablets, smartphones and other handheld technology, family car trips have changed considerably in recent years. However, new research has highlighted those pastimes that continue to be a favourite among mums, dads and kids when taking to the road.

A survey of 2,000 adults by government-backed consumer watchdog for the automotive industry Motor Codes showed that 'I Spy' continues to be the most-loved and frequently turned-to activity to keep young ones entertained on long journeys, cited by 60 per cent of respondents.

Meanwhile, 44 per cent said a 'singalong' was another top choice, compared to 40 per cent who resort to puzzle books or crosswords. Just 29 per cent stated they would use a smartphone or tablet to keep kids entertained.

Across the board, the least popular choice among parents to keep children's minds off the road was to hand out snacks or drinks (28 per cent).

Bill Fennell, managing director of Motor Codes, said: "The results clearly point to the fact that regardless of all the technology that that we now have to hand, families still prefer to go back to basics and use activities that have ruled car journeys for years.

"A bit of imagination, some good reading material and a few carefully selected tunes are tipped as the best ways to avoid the frequently asked 'are we there yet?'."

Posted on 21st July 2016

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