North-west drivers should be aware of bikes

Written by Ellie

Individuals planning journeys in the north-west of England over the coming weeks have been urged to be more aware of motorcylists, as the annual Isle of Man TT races will soon be taking place.

Entrants and spectators from across the British Isles and beyond will be flocking to this high-profile international event, and that means more bikers than usual are expected to be seen on the region's roads.

Highways England has announced it will be erecting a temporary network of variable message signage to remind all road users of the need to be extra vigilant of their two-wheeled friends at this time year. In addition, the signs will be used to offer directions to those who may be passing through the area.

Stuart Lovatt, Highways England head of road safety, commented: "Many will not know our roads and our message to drivers is please consider how vulnerable people are on motorcycles and take a moment to look twice at every turn, every lane change and every junction.

"We would ask motorcycle riders to be considerate in return, plan your route and blend with the local traffic to keep everyone moving safely."

The new signage will be rolled out across routes to Heysham and Liverpool in the coming days, including the M6, M62 and M61.

Around 14,000 riders are expected to carry out ferry crossings in the north-west to the Isle of Man in the coming days, with this year's TT festival taking place from May 30th to June 12th.

Motorists in the area are therefore being urged to play their role in ensuring all individuals heading to this year's TT races get there in one piece and safe from harm.

Posted on 28th May 2015

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