How to catch the news your fleet can’t afford to miss – Fleet Matters 10

20th June 2018

We read the news because we must. Knowledge is not only power, it’s vital for seeing the road ahead. Miss something big, and you could run into it. Miss something small, and you might drive past an opportunity.

Can you afford to miss what you need to know? No. But have you time to read all the news to be sure? No. And that’s why Fleet Matters was created.

Fleet Matters finds the fleet-related stories you haven’t time to read and the mainstream media you may have missed. It then distills all this information down into a handy format with links to source material that you can digest easily and quickly – with clear action points on what to do next.

Each issue of Fleet Matters contains the most important stories you need to know about, right now. For example, the latest edition of Fleet Matters covers 10 valuable tips for running a more cost-efficient fleet, preparing for Brexit’s uncertain road ahead, identifying the three warning lights of driver burnout, future-proofing your fleet, and new laws that are just around the corner.

Fleet Matters then goes beyond highlighting these stories to explain briefly why each news article is important, then provides succinct guidance on what you should do about each topic. Some need immediate action. Others alert you to an issue to monitor. Sometimes, there’ll be a reminder of something you already know, but may have taken for granted. Every issue contains news fleet managers need to read.

Read the latest five topics now in Fleet Matters, follow the actions, and start counting the savings.

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