New technologies ‘could save motorists millions’

21st June 2017

New technologies 'could save motorists millions' (image credit: iStock/mseidelch)

The introduction of new connected technologies could help to save UK motorists millions of pounds in vehicle repair fees in the near future, one sector commentator has claimed.

According to telematics provider In-Car Cleverness, drivers could see a significant reduction in the likelihood of their vehicle breaking down as new and innovative technologies make their way into the latest cars.

Paul O'Dowd, head of sales at In-Car Cleverness, commented: "It's not impossible to foresee a future in which almost no unexpected breakdowns occur.

"In-vehicle technology … has come on in leaps and bounds and as uptake increases, we will be able to anticipate a large percentage of the nation's vehicle glitches before they cause a failure."

He concluded that the uptake of technologies like remote diagnostics could help alert drivers more swiftly when something is about to go wrong with their vehicle. This, in turn, could help to ensure the UK's annual repair bill for unexpected breakdowns is slashed from its current level of £1.3 billion.

Not just that, but in-car diagnostic tools could ensure motorists are able to drive more efficiently and safely, he argued, helping them to save further and avoid the stresses of avoidable accidents.

Molly Benton, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, adds: "Helping motorists to do away with the frustration and headaches of a vehicle breakdown is a welcome concept. However, it remains to be seen how swiftly these new technologies will be taken up across the automotive sector."