New services that give your business new advantages

Written by Ellie

Fuel Card Services is famous for its cost-saving fuel cards, but its services are the real drivers for business advantage.

Last month, Fuel Card Services proved this once again by launching My Business Advantage, designed to help small businesses run their operations more efficiently.

My Business Advantage is an online portal that delivers invaluable new services exclusively to Fuel Card Services customers. It covers everything from fuel savings to financing offers, from energy and insurance to card payment and legal advice.

It even includes perks for staff and managers too.

As Fuel Card Services’ Group marketing manager Steve Clarke observes, “If you run a business it can be difficult to manage all those extra things that help make a business more profitable and grow more smoothly. My Business Advantage is specifically designed to do just that, give advantage through support and deals. Accessing the benefits is really easy too, our customers just need to be logged into their account.”

The top advantages include:

  • Payment Processing: valuable offers for online or terminal card payment processing
  • Sales Data: find more customers or partners with 50 records targeted by you
  • Google My Business: help customers find you online with a free listing, done for you
  • Vehicle Offers: exclusive services and solutions to drive businesses forward
  • Access Finance: improved cashflow with innovative solutions for small businesses

See the full list of advantages which grows every month, then simply register to access them all today.

Showing their on-going commitment to supporting customers, Fuel Card Services will also let individual businesses know about the specific benefits which they believe would be right for that organisation, every month.

There is no “catch” with My Business Advantage and, happily, no fee. Fuel Card Services will be adding continuously to the benefits to make sure businesses find every advantage they may need.

For businesses that want to check out My Business Advantage before applying for a fuel card from Fuel Card Services, they can find all the information at


Posted on 27th October 2017

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