National support for older drivers recommended

Written by Ellie

Road safety and breakdown organisation GEM Motoring Assist has called for increased support for the nation's older drivers.

A range of recommendations have now been made to the government by the Older Drivers Task Force, with calls being made to help older motorists to stay safely on the roads for as long as they can.

GEM road safety officer Neil Worth argued in favour of the suggestion that drivers over the age of 75 be asked to renew their licence on an annual basis, while the compulsory introduction of a new proof of eyesight test was also supported.

Ensuring individuals of all ages are able to travel safely via the UK's roads should be a top government priority and therefore introducing new measures to help older road users to stay active for longer, safe in the knowledge they do not pose a risk to other travellers, is something to be applauded.

Mr Worth concluded: "We encourage all senior drivers to take responsibility for their own safety and to book regular driver appraisals.

"In the experience of our members, these are enjoyable and positive experiences that really motivate senior drivers to put safety first."

He added that ensuring older drivers across the UK have the same level of access to information and training to help them stay safe for as long as possible should now be the priority.

Posted on 4th July 2016

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