Motorists urged to swerve booze as drink-driving rises 5%

12th May 2017

Motorists urged to swerve booze as drink-driving rises 5%

This summer, motorists are being urged to steer clear of alcohol if they know they are going to get behind the wheel, in light of figures that show drink-drive collisions are on the rise.

In 2015, 1,380 people were killed or seriously injured in collisions where at least one driver was over the limit, according to provisional figures from the Department for Transport. That represents a five per cent increase on the year before.

There has also been a three per cent increase in drink-drive casualties of all severities, with an estimated 8,480 cases.

These figures emerge in the same week that the driver alcohol limit turns 50 (May 10th).

Motorists caught over the limit can end up with a driving ban, a £2,500 fine and even a short time behind bars.

Neil Worth, road safety officer at GEM Motoring Assist, said it was best if drivers just gave alcohol a miss altogether.

“Alcohol impairs your judgement from the very first sip. It’s wrong to think you only become a risk when you reach the drink-drive limit,” he commented.

“We’re not trying to stop people enjoying themselves with a drink or two, but we are reminding drivers that the only safe choice is to drink or to drive.

“Too many people lose their lives or suffer serious injuries because someone else chose to drive after drinking alcohol.”

Mr Worth went on to say that the only effective way of reducing accidents caused by drink-drivers was to make them believe that there is a real risk of being caught, and called for more police officers to enforce the drink-drive laws and a reduction in the drink-drive limit.

Stephen Hasley, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, adds: “Considering how many anti-drink-drive adverts you see at Christmas, it may come as a surprise to realise that the peak for drink-drive accidents is actually in the springtime when many people can’t resist a tipple or two at barbecues and other social events.”