Mobility provider moved by “transparent, clear and personal” experience with Fuel Card Services

Written by Ellie

Here at Fuel Card Services, we like to think we’re the finest and most comprehensive provider of fuel cards in the UK.

With 55,000 happy customers pumping around two millions litres into their vehicles every day, we’re certainly one of the busiest, but also one of the most personable, according to client Ableworld UK.

The mobility specialist operates a 32-strong fleet of large goods vehicles for providing mobility scooters, wheelchairs and stairlifts throughout the UK.

With so many vehicles racking up a hefty mileage, Ableworld was primed to benefit from the introduction of fuel cards.

Chris Dugdale-Wilde, facilities manager for Ableworld UK, had been approached by several companies offering fuel cards in the past and their pushy nature was an instant turn-off.

However, Fuel Card Services doesn’t pressure customers to come onboard, something that Mr Dugdale-Wilde found refreshing.

“Helen [Simpson] at Fuel Card Services had a personal, well-informed approach, not a ‘sell, sell, sell’ angle which never gets too far,” he wrote in his testimonial of the company.

Pleasant experience

Mr Dugdale-Wilde was keen enough to give it a shot and took on a limited amount of cards, but it was only a matter of weeks before the entire fleet was covered by Fuel Card Services.

He added: “The overall experience has been a pleasant one and I feel we have benefitted from this change bringing more flexibility to our fleet and how we keep the vans going.”

Chris’ comments suggest Ableworld UK will be with Fuel Card Services for quite some time.

“The nature of the industry means others will always be cheaper at some point but if the transparency and clarity continues we will remain a customer to Fuel Card Services in the future,” he concluded.

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Posted on 22nd December 2017

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