Millions of miles covered by UK holidaymakers

Written by Ellie

New data published by Kwik-Fit has highlighted the considerable distances that will be covered by UK motorists when they embark on holiday getaways this summer.

Based on the responses of 2,000 UK adults, this latest poll revealed that British motorists will travel upwards of 15.2 billion miles during their summer holidays this year.

Overall, the south-west of England was shown to have the highest proportion of drivers (28 per cent) who are planning to take their vehicle with them when embarking on getaways either in the UK or abroad over the coming months.

This was followed by the south coast and the Isle of Wight (17 per cent), Wales (15 per cent), the Lake District (15 per cent), Scotland (14 per cent) and the Midlands (14 per cent).

The average distance that will be covered by UK drivers when heading off on summer getaways was shown to be 1,002 miles, with 15.1 million UK motorists in all set to travel by car during summer excursions.

Responding to these impressive statistics, Kwik-Fit communications director Roger Griggs commented: "When we are all pushed for time and checking that we have packed the right things for our holidays, it can be understandable that our cars get neglected.

"However, a breakdown on holiday is one sure way to ruin the experience for all the family, so we encourage drivers to carry out some simple checks before setting off on what is likely to be their car's longest and hottest journey of the year."

Posted on 25th July 2016

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