Millennials want the right work-life balance over job security

3rd December 2018

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Loving what you do is a major factor to achieving overall happiness. After all, we spend a fair chunk of our waking hours at work.

People choose their jobs and career for many reasons, aside from the juicy pay packet and lucrative benefits package obviously.

However, new research has found that millennials are prioritising work-life balance over job security when applying for work.

Before firing over their CV to a prospective company, a hefty chunk of young people are stopping to think about how their potential new job might affect their personal life.

Out of the 1,000 17 to 23-year-olds surveyed by YouGov, a third of them said work-life balance was the most important factor when selecting a job, second only to pay.

The everyday feel of a company was another biggie too, with work culture ranking as the third most influential factor.

Add to this, the fact that young people aren’t keen on the idea of spending too much time on the road, with daily commute length considered just as important as long-term job security.

Death to ‘job for life’

Many accuse younger generations of job-hopping or a lack of loyalty and the idea of spending the bulk of your working life at one single company is viewed as ludicrous to many millennials.

This idea is backed up by YouGov’s survey and on the whole, young people expect to have between three to five jobs over their lifetime, while one in five of those polled reckon they’ll hold up to ten different roles.

Yep, the traditional ‘job for life’ mentality of previous generations is on the wane.

Two in five said they hoped to be saying bye-bye to their current employer within a year, while only six per cent intended to stay with their current company for more than five years.

Speaking to The Telegraph, which reported these numbers, president of the Confederation of British Industry John Allan called for firms to do more in ensuring young people want to work and stay with them, taking into account work-life balance, fair pay and providing tangible routes to success.

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Photo: g-stockstudio via iStock