Managing Noise in Logistics: Barking

18th March 2018

Fuel Card Services have confirmed the sponsorship of the latest FORS workshop, Managing Noise in Logistics, on the 20th March.

The workshop will run from 9:00 – 12:45 in Barking.

Transportation noise is the main source of environmental noise pollution. This includes road, rail and air traffic. By making small changes to logistical procedures, companies will be able to identify and manage the impact their noise has on others. Delegates will also benefit from the opportunities to share best practices with other FORS accredited companies.

Fuel Card Services’ own accredited FORS practitioner and Major Accounts Manager Rachel Pearson will be in attendance.

The workshop will cover:
– Establishing and understanding the importance of noise on the environment and who is affected both inside and out of the operation.
– Knowing the positive and negative outcomes from transport and delivery noise.
– How to assess, develop and implement a noise pollution and reduction policy, process and procedure.
– What advice is available and where to access this information.

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