Are you MAD ?

It’s not always easy to think you’re making a difference: it’s just a job, it’s just a phone call, it’s just another sale, it’s just another day earning some money. But it’s easier than you may think. Here’s the story of my catch up with one of our sales execs.

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Giving yourself 10 minutes to breathe when you work in a busy office, surrounded by really busy people all driven to succeed can somehow feel counterproductive – trust me it’s not! You need to take a break now and again to regain focus, refuel the caffeine reserves (if you’re a coffee drinker like me) and just reset. It can be difficult to do if you’re a true salesperson, as you know that one more conversation could mean the difference between hitting target and absolutely smashing it.

Today though I did manage to get one of our New Business team to “take 5” and chat to me about her job. We discussed from her first day in training, to that nerve-wracking first customer sales call to securing her first big account and truly delighting her new and experienced customers. She told me that she had the odd bad day at work where she either didn’t get the account she’d been working on for a month or when she had to deal with a particularly unhappy customer, but it was refreshing to hear her say that even when she had a bad day, she still loved her job.

Now after our conversation, I thought about that sign you see in sitcoms or movies: “You don’t have to be mad to work here, but it helps.” I realised after talking to Beth (the sales legend) that it didn’t fit in with our place, as you DO have to be mad to work here! However, to us, MAD isn’t a word that means crazy or silly, it’s an acronym that stands for Made A Difference: making a difference to every customer we speak to; making a difference to your team target; making a difference by going to work every day and meeting up with likeminded people, having a laugh over a mug of tea or coffee, setting targets and beating them, taking part in the next incentive, and really loving going to work!

We are constantly on the lookout for these kinds of people. So if you want to join us here at Fuel Card Services consider whether you want to Make A Difference…

Find out how to make a difference – here.


Our Careers Blog is penned by Mike Bratby – Resourcing Manager

Posted on 3rd February 2016

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