M8 is three times more dangerous than any Scottish road

Written by Ellie

The M8 has been named Scotland’s most dangerous road after figures revealed that it sees three times as many fatalities than any other road in the country.

Figures show that the road connecting Glasgow and Edinburgh has had the most deaths in the country between 2007 and 2016, with 1,812 reported crashes involving 3,311 vehicles.

Behind it is the M74, but this road, which runs from Glasgow into the north of England, has had significantly less collisions than the M8 – 568 with 768 vehicles involved.

In contrast, the M898 has been labelled Scotland’s safest motorway, with only 17 accidents in ten years, none of which were fatal.

The figures, which look at all reported incidents on UK roads between 2007 and 2016, found that the M876, M77 and M898 have had zero fatalities.

Widening the scope, Gloucester’s A38 was deemed to be the UK’s most dangerous road, with 8,698 accidents involving 13,153 vehicles.

However, the A1 was the most deadly, with 172 people losing their lives over the past decade.

Britain’s roads are becoming safer overall though, with the number of reported accidents dropping year-on-year, with 25 per cent fewer crashes registered on major roads in 2016 than 2007.

Rebecca Donohue, head of marketing at Carole Nash – which obtained the figures through a a freedom of information request – said: “Safety is naturally paramount to every road user, so we hope this data and the road safety hub on our website will help provide motorists with as much information as possible to keep them safe.

“It is very positive though to note that the number of accidents across the country is steadily decreasing year-on-year, which is testament to road users and those who enforce the safety precautions on our highways.”

Ellie Baker, brand manager at FCS Scotland, added: “Scotland’s roads were the safest on record in 2017, and we can imagine everything that can be done to improve the M8 is already being done.”

Posted on 30th October 2018

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