Look Closer and see how else your fuel card supplier can save you time and money

Written by Ellie


Fuel prices are rising again, although they remain well below the high point of mid-2012. Price volatility is nothing new, according to Fuel Card Services, which is why operators use fuel cards to reduce and manage fuel costs. Steve Clarke, group marketing manager, believes that they should look closer at cutting costs with fuel cards. “Some operators,” he said, “are yet to explore how their fuel card suppliers may be able to help in other areas. They should run a magnifying glass over suppliers to find one offering benefits well beyond the area of fuel.”

Most operators do realise that savings will be also available on oil and Adblue and that if these are not offered, a change of fuel card supplier is indicated. Steve Clarke said, “Think beyond liquid consumables, though, and look closer for deals on such regular cost items as tyres, spare parts, repair services and more. With the right supplier, you could expect savings of up to 50% on main dealer prices across nationwide garage networks.”

Exclusive deals that reduce a wide range of direct costs should be only the start. “An expert supplier should also be able to assist in making your fuel go farther, with services to measure and track consumption,” said Clarke. “Being able to monitor mpg returns from individual vehicles and drivers will enable you to spot anomalies and implement remedial action. This also facilitates tracking of a fleetwide strategy to improve fuel consumption.”

Speaking of fleet strategies, Clarke said, “If duty of care isn’t already at the top of an operator’s priority list, it should be. Staying safe, and keeping out of expensive trouble, means covering everything from licence checking to driver training. The right fuel card supplier will offer help right across the duty of care spectrum, from long-term planning to implementation of specific measures. Look closer the availability of such services.”

One topic that ought to be all too familiar to operators is fleet sustainability. Steve Clarke said, “The UK is still some way short of its 2020 emissions targets, so legislation is only going to get tougher. Every operator needs a sustainability strategy, with an unambiguous focus on fleet emissions. It is vital that operators look closer at measuring and tracking emissions, producing clear evidence of their progress in reducing output. The right fuel card supplier will be able to help at nominal cost.”

The right organisation should offer benefits way beyond day-to-day cost savings, says Steve Clarke. “Look closer for other services to improve overall cost-efficiency, from whole-life vehicle costing to document management,” he said. “Remember to consider the unseen time savings from the synergy of having a single supplier delivering multiple services. An operator can enjoy significant productivity gains just from always talking to the same person with any query or request. If your fuel card supplier expects you to deal with an anonymous call centre, rather than a dedicated account manager, you probably have not found the right supplier.”

Steve Clarke is ideally positioned to comment, having worked with HGV, PCV and LCV fleets for many years, helping them to cut the cost of refuelling. Fuel Card Services works with tens of thousands of such fleets every day, nationwide, on everything from emissions monitoring to duty of care strategies.

Take a closer look at efficient fleet management: www.look-closer.co.uk

Posted on 1st December 2016

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