Longer trailer types ‘provide enhanced efficiency’

6th September 2016

Longer trailer types 'provide enhanced efficiency' (image credit: iStock/Milos-Muller)

Trials to determine the increased efficiency of longer trailer types are making significant contributions towards enhanced efficiency for the UK's haulage providers, new data has revealed.

A report published by the Department for Transport has been welcomed by the Freight Transport Association, which shows longer semi-trailers (LSTs) pose no greater risk than standard-length models and present a significant opportunity to both reduce vehicle mileage and the overall number of HGVs on the road.

Responding to the report, FTA director of policy Karen Dee stated that LSTs are helping operators to transport goods in a more efficient manner.

This means freight providers are not only benefiting from lower costs through their use, but also lower emissions that can benefit in the drive for a greener transport network overall.

Ms Dee concluded: "Almost three quarters of goods movements are carried by road rather than by rail or water.

"We need to maximise the use of rail and water freight as part of making the UK's supply chain as efficient, clean and safe as possible, but they can never replace road – that is why we need to maximise the efficiency of road freight as well as the other modes."

Trials of LSTs began in the UK in 2012, with these trailers up to 2.05 metres longer than their standard 13.6-metre counterparts.