London air quality plans receive mixed response

Written by Ellie

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has stated that the implementation of new clean air regulations in London could place an unnecessary cost burden on small businesses.

A consultation was launched earlier this week by the Mayor of London's Office into the introduction of a new £10 charge for the most polluting vehicles and the impending extension of the London Ultra-Low Emission Zone.

FTA head of national and regional policy Christopher Snelling argued that while the organisation supports the introduction of new legislation and restrictions on highly-polluting vehicles, there must also be a focus on ensuring the economic benefits of such an approach to make the project sustainable.

"No-one disputes the need to improve air quality. What we do object to is the one-sided nature of these measures – all burden and no support," he stated.

"London could improve air quality more quickly, and reduce the burden on businesses at the same time, by offering a temporary discount to the Congestion Charge for compliant vehicles prior to the Ultra-Low Emission Zone starting."

As such, the FTA has called for a graduated introduction of the new Ultra-Low Emission Zone charging scheme, with the use of a temporary discount on the Congestion Charge ahead of the new start date of the Ultra-Low Emission Zone in 2019.

It is hoped that such a move would help to ease the financial burden on compliance for many businesses and travellers across the capital.

Posted on 6th July 2016

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