Local communities & STEM supported by A9 dualling programme

22nd March 2019

STEM laptop

Transport Scotland has highlighted the ongoing support and benefits for local communities that have been involved in the delivery of the A9 dualling programme.

The body has welcomed the considerable benefits brought about through its associated Academy9 scheme.

What is Academy9?

Involvement in the Academy9 schools initiative has so far seen the uptake of STEM – science, technology, engineering and mathematics – subjects become more accessible to young people in the area.

It aims to inspire and support young people to pursue careers in this challenging but highly rewarding field, with Academy9 supporting pupils through pre-school, school, college and university.

Cabinet secretary for transport, infrastructure and connectivity Michael Matheson stated: “While the benefits to road users are to be welcomed, we want to do lots more for the communities living along the A9 corridor.”

He added that the Academy9 programme provides an opportunity to invest in the country’s “next generation of engineers, designers and construction workers”.

“The A9 Dualling programme is about much more than building a road,” he concluded.

A special event has taken place this week at Aviemore, where the successes of the Academy9 scheme since its launch in 2015 have been showcased. More than 3,800 pupils and 120 teachers have been involved to date.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at FCS Scotland, adds: “Supporting more young people to get involved and excited in STEM subjects is a welcome benefit for all. STEM is an area facing considerable staff shortages at present, so promoting its uptake through the A9 dualling scheme is a fantastic result.”