Are you keeping up with the leading stories? – Fleet Matters 09

11th October 2017

What would we do without news? Quite possibly a lot more; there’s just so much of it.

Unlike the good old days when TV programming would end, or the world would go a little quieter on Sundays, the news just never stops.

This relentless flow of information is compounded by the fact that we never stop checking our phones too. So we have endless information being received on a constantly-checked platform.

How do we deal with this? Skim-reading. Or simply ignoring most of it. But as a fleet manager, you need to stay informed. There’s no escaping the news, else you could be missing information that could affect your operations. Such as changes to the fleet market, benefits and incentives for your fleet, or better ways to make bigger decisions.

Ignorance may be bliss, but it can be extremely costly. There are some things you simply need to know.

So do you attempt to read everything and sift out the valuable gems from the rubble of facts? No, that’s why we’ve summarised the recent key fleet stories for you – download your latest free issue of Fleet Matters here.

Fleet Matters

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