Keep it in the family with the company car

29th June 2016

Keep it in the family with the company car (image credit: iStock/IPGGutenbergUKLtd)

Firms offering company cars to their staff should remember the importance of providing vehicles that work for both business and pleasure, as many employees will consult their family before choosing which car to have.

New data published by vehicle manufacturer Skoda has shown that on average, the typical driver will complete 55 minutes-worth of non-work journeys each day in their company car, meaning it needs to be functional both as a corporate vehicle and family runaround.

According to the company's findings, almost half of all company car users will consult with their partner over the model that is right for them, with 39 per cent of men and 51 per cent of women falling into this category.

Meanwhile, many parents (15 per cent) will also speak to their children about what they feel would be the best fit in terms of the company car that could meet their family's needs.

Businesses should therefore ensure they are offering a range of models to their staff and that the options open to them are flexible enough to be of interest to employees with a range of family backgrounds.

Henry Williams, head of fleet at Skoda UK, concluded: "At Skoda, we understand a company car isn't just used for business, it's also for home life. Our models combine cutting-edge technology and affordable company car tax rates, with features that families love."