July and August are the most dangerous months for motorists

Written by Ellie

Any motorists out on the roads this Saturday afternoon should drive extra carefully.

This is because 2pm on Saturday July 22nd is the time you are most likely to have a crash in the UK.

According to figures from the Department of Transport, more vehicle collisions occur during the summer months of July and August than at any other time of the year, with 2,330 serious and fatal collisions in July followed by 2,148 in August.

This is believed to be down to July’s peak traffic volumes caused by the start of the children's school holidays and the great summer getaway coinciding.

In contrast, the first two months of the year see road fatalities and injuries dip to their lowest point, with 1,544 incidents in February and 1,578 in January.

With schools typically breaking up for the summer break halfway through July, the busiest day of the year for road traffic is expected to be this Saturday (July 22nd).

Saturdays are often found to be the worst day for crashes during the summer with car drivers being nearly twice as likely to be distracted or impaired in their driving than on weekdays.

Simon Marsh, managing director of in-vehicle CCTV provider VisionTrack, stated that the most common cause of road collisions is bad driving rather than poor road or car conditions.

“It will be the first day of the summer holidays for many families and there will be extremely large numbers of motorists taking to the roads,” he commented.

“Cars will be packed full of children and luggage, which means that drivers will be more stressed and distracted than usual, as they make their way to airports and holiday destinations.”

Molly Benton, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, added: “The Department of Transport’s figures clearly show that the warmest months of the year are the most dangerous for motorists, while the coldest are safest. We’d urge anyone planning to get away this weekend to take extra care on the roads.”

Posted on 18th July 2017

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