January poses riskiest days to drive, research finds

Written by: Simon Pavey, Last updated:14th February 2022

January poses riskiest days to drive

Half-way through January and most people have probably felt a touch of the winter blues by now, with Christmas a fading memory and party season well and truly over.

And just to add to the general air of melancholy, one firm has revealed January is also the most likely time of year to have an accident if you’re a motorist.

A risky time for drivers

Research by insurethebox on when people are most likely to make a motor insurance claim found five out of the ten riskiest days of the year fall this month, with January 20th proving the most dangerous.

Rounding out the top three were January 19th and January 16th, although March 1st was close behind.

Much of these findings are likely to be weather-related, with this month tending to represent the height of winter and the period when snow is typically expected. That would also explain March’s appearance, with even meteorological spring often proving unpredictable in Britain.

However, there was one particularly baffling appearance on the list, with June 8th coming in at fifth position – ahead of two dates in November – and no explanation as to why this might be.

The data also showed drivers in Scotland are 32 per cent more likely to have an accident in January than their counterparts elsewhere, followed by the north and west of England.

Boasting the smallest rise in accidents were London, the south of England and the Midlands, with eight, ten and 11 per cent increases respectively.

Spokesperson for insurethebox Gary Stewart said: “With its shorter, darker days and often freezing temperatures, January has some of the most challenging driving conditions of the year, especially the further north you go.”

He added that younger motorists may be particularly vulnerable, as driving in January could be a completely new experience for them.

Jenny Smith, general manager for Tele-Gence, commented: “Although we seem to have got off lightly so far this winter, it’s always best to be prepared for inclement driving conditions. And answers on a postcard as to why June 8th is so dangerous, please!”

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