It’s a crime not to be prepared – Fleet Matters 11

29th November 2018

Gone are the days of simply ensuring your van is locked. Vehicle theft has surged in recent years, and fleet drivers are most likely to be targeted.

Of course, it’s not just the vehicle itself that’s at risk. It’s all the tools and belongings inside, and even personal identity data – which can cost the driver thousands of pounds and countless hours before it’s resolved.

As technology has become smarter, so have the criminals. Key fob codes can be “sniffed”, internet “connected” vehicles can be hacked, and of course entry can simply be forced. Oh, and then there are the scam motorist sites to watch out for too – pretending to be about official license renewals.

There are many things to watch out for to protect your vehicle, your data, and yourself. But it all starts with knowing what they are.

Fortunately, we cover these and link you to a safety advice guide in the latest issue of Fleet Matters, out now.

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