It’s 20 mph for a reason: Cut speed to increase safety

20th September 2016

It's 20 mph for a reason: Cut speed to increase safety

New research published by road safety charity Brake and insurer Direct Line has highlighted the significant number of individuals across the UK who may be placing themselves and others in danger by exceeding speed limits in 20 mph zones.

According to a large-scale poll of UK drivers, 40 per cent admitted to 'sometimes' exceeding the speed limit in 20 mph zones by more than 10 mph. Furthermore, 26 per cent stated they 'regularly' speed in areas designed to keep children and other vulnerable groups safe.

Overall, the research highlighted how 53 children were killed and more than 2,000 seriously injured on Britain's roads in 2014 and therefore the partners have called upon UK motorists to do more to put the safety of others ahead of their desire to reach their destination as quickly as they can.

Lower speed limits of 20 mph have been shown to be effective in cutting casualty rates by as much as 40 per cent among vulnerable groups, but they are only effective when motorists stick to these lower limits.

Alice Bailey, campaigns advisor for Brake, said: "All parents want to know their children are safe while travelling to and from school and playing outdoors.

"Speed limits are in place to keep all road users safe and if tragedy strikes and a child is hit by a car, the speed at which it is travelling could be the difference between life and death. 20 mph limits benefit our communities in so many ways, keeping them safer, cleaner and greener."

Motorists are therefore urged to think twice before exceeding the speed limit on any road; but perhaps most importantly when faced with 20 mph zones and the potential there to injure or kill innocent children.