Innovative M62 scheme ‘to help cut congestion’

31st October 2016

Innovative M62 scheme 'to help cut congestion'

A new approach to tackling the issue of congestion on major roads across the country is now being trialled as part of a £7 million scheme for the M62 near Warrington.

Smart motorways technology is to be coupled with traffic lights on the motorway link roads from the north and southbound M6, with the hope of reducing levels of congestion on the M62 for all users.

The scheme will be trialled over the coming months and hopes to tackle one of the busiest commuter congestion hotspots in the whole of the UK.

Andy Withington, Highways England programme delivery manager for the north-west, said: "This is an opportunity to combine existing technology and traffic management systems in a novel way to see whether we can give drivers using the frequently-congested eastbound M62 lower journey times during peak hours and smoother, more reliable journeys.

"The system should be up and running by next summer and we will be monitoring its use over a period of up to a year."

If successful, the project could serve as a template for other congestion-busting schemes on busy routes up and down the country in the years ahead.

Natalie Brinkley, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, adds: "Congestion is an increasingly common problem on the nation's busy roads and therefore any action that could help to limit its effect for drivers should be celebrated."